Laser Cutting Operating at up to 6000 watts, our lasers cut to a thickness of .750", with tolerances of +/- .005".
Shearing Our shearing process handles stock up to .250" thick with +/- .065" tolerances.
Forming CNC-controlled press brakes enable Special Fab to form and bend pieces up to 16 feet long. Our press brakes feature 400 ton capacity.
Certified Welding Special Fab & Machine performs the most common types of welding: GTAW(TIG), GMAW(MIG), FCAW and spot welding. All of our welders are certified to AWS D1.1.
Machining Special Fab & Machine operates four CNC-controlled vertical milling centers and two CNC-controlled lathes. We also have manual Bridgport-style Mills and Engine lathes.
Light Assembly We perform complete light assembly, including hinges, handles, safety switches, shocks, etc.
Powder Coating Our coating department provides complete powder coating services. We can accommodate parts up to 8' long, 5' wide and 3' deep.